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1 Reason You Are Losing Sales

Many people think the #1 reason they are losing sales is because they are bad at having sales conversations. Not true. The #1 reason people lose sales is because of poor follow up, or no follow up at all.

How many times have you been to a networking event, made a few amazing connections, and never called, emailed, or talked with them again?

Have you ever been given a referral and not called, emailed or reached out to the hot prospects in 24-48 hours (or ever)?

Did you ever get people to sign up for your email newsletter and never send out an email, or send out one every six months?

Yes, this happens all of the time. I hear it in every single group I’m giving sales training too. Most people fail to do those 3 things well or at all. Part of the reason they fail is because they have fears holding them back from picking up the phone. The top 3 fears people tell me about making sales calls are:

  1. Fear of sounding pushy, aggressive, or salesly.
  2. Fear of interrupting the person they’re calling.
  3. Fear of rejection.

There are many ways to overcome these fears. You can start with asking yourself why you have this fear? What would happen if you were to encounter this problem? Do you believe you have great value to give? The other way to overcome these fears is to get sales training. That’s what I’m here for, to make sales fun!

Another reason they fail to follow up is they do not have a good follow up process. Knowing what to do after you get a good lead is essential. Taking notes about what you learned about your prospect gives you a good valid business reason to call. Having a customer relations management system is super helpful. However, too often, people rely on email marketing and they fail to pick up the phone. 100x more sales are closed over a conversation than over an email. The phone helps you close people who are ready to buy today, email helps you build influence so you close those who will buy later. Again, getting great sales training helps with that too. I love to teach people how to warm up for sales calls, how to get more leads in their funnel, how to grow their email marketing database for prospects who want to buy later, and how to build influence with prospects making sales calls fun! (Yes, I said it twice, and it’s not an oxymoron).

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone (it’s never too late), and get talking to all those glorious people who are looking for your help! And, if you’re still too fearful, let’s chat so I can help you get over it and on to building your empire and serving your people.

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About the author: Jennifer Darling is your Positively Successful Sales Coach. She has worked with 1,000s of businesses in strategic planning to increase their revenue. She provides sales, marketing, personal development and business consulting for small to medium businesses, corporations, nonprofits, and groups. Jennifer possesses 20 years experience for companies such as NBC, CBS, FOX, and Comcast. She holds a Master’s Degree in Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Promotion. Learn about upcoming events on her website at © Copyright 2017, Darling Coaching

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