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One Idea (Not One Word) Will Make Your Whole Year Better

The “One Word” notion is traveling around social media at lightning speed. The premise is to pick one word to define how you see the year ahead. It is an excellent way to focus in on what you want and helps you clearly define goals and action plans. This notion can help you develop a road-map for life, business, career, or relationships. Pick one word and create your strategy. Here is a simple idea you can start with right now. It is one idea and it will help make your whole year the best one yet.

The idea is to count your blessings every day. No, it is not a new idea and neither is the one word concept. However, it is an idea you forgot. It takes awareness and a commitment on your part to put it into action. If you do this every day, you will put massive amounts of positive energy in your life and be happier too.

Here is what you do:

  • At the end of the day when you are just ready to fall asleep, think of three things you are thankful for and either they were from the same day or something else in your life. For example, you may be thankful for a great day at work where you received recognition from your boss. Second, you may be thankful for the birth of your children. Third, you may be thankful you have a home of your own.
  • Step two, if you want to take it a little further, is to write these things down in a journal. The physical act of writing stimulates the brain. In Amazing Facts About Writing and Your Brain infographic writing affects your brain in multiple ways, including:
    • Improving your memory of the things you write down
    • It helps to relieve stress and has similar effects as meditation
    • Increases problem solving abilities
    • Triggers your brain to pay attention

Psychologists suggest it takes three to five positive experiences to thwart off one negative experience. There are negative stimuli coming at you all day, every day. Take this simple one idea and help you overcome negativity, have better rest at night, and wake up the next day feeling ready to take on the world.


About the author: Jennifer “is a powerful, enlightening, positive force to be around!” Jennifer Darling is a business growth coach. She has worked with 1,000s of small businesses in strategic planning to grow their businesses. She provides consulting for small to medium businesses, and personal development coaching for individuals. Jennifer possesses 20 years in sales, marketing, leadership and personal development for companies such as NBC, CBS, and Comcast. She holds a Master’s Degree in Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Promotion.


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