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Thanks for considering one of my programs for your next event! I hope to make the process a little easier for you.

Here are the most requested items that meeting planners have found to be helpful in their planning. I’d love to work with you and look forward to partnering to ensure a terrific meeting. If you don’t find what you need or have suggestions for how we can better serve you, please give me a call.

Signature Programs

Select from these motivational, high content speaking and training that are perfect for organizations that want to increase performance. All programs can be customized for your specific needs of topic and length of program.

Forms & Info

In order for me to fully prepare for your meeting, please take time to review this information.

Questionnaire – Please complete this questionnaire to ensure that your program will meet the needs of all of your attendees. Since each program is customized, I find that interviewing a few people from your organization can be helpful as well.

Jennifer’s bio – Jennifer’s sales producing, profit-generating ideas help her clients reach success in new or existing business ventures. For over twenty years, Jennifer has been involved in the successful growth of small and large businesses and associations in a variety of industries.

A/V requirements – Great audiovisual equipment and a compatible room setup will help ensure a great meeting!

Introduction – A good introduction is important since it sets the tone for the entire presentation. It’s designed to generate interest, alert the audience to what they can expect to get from their participation, and provide some information on the credibility of the speaker.


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Pre-Program Questionnaire

In order for Jennifer to be fully prepared for your program, please take a moment to answer the following questions. The more details you give, the better I will be able to customize this program.

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